Connie Wellnitz







Originally from New Jersey, Connie moved to Seattle in 1989 from Chicago. Between her degrees (BA in Art, Lycoming College; MFA in Photography, SIU-Carbondale) she worked as an apprentice at the Johnson Atelier and Technical Institute of Sculpture in Princeton, NJ where she learned (among other things) to weld and appreciate 3D work, but realized she was 2D at heart. Since moving to the left coast she has focused primarily on her Fine Art photography.

Time spent in the Czech Republic (1995-97), a residency in Andalusia (2003) and various trips back to the East Coast and Europe have provided her with many opportunities to pursue her vision. Her current project is examining common flowers from her garden in uncommon light.

Photography, which began as a way for her to remember, has grown to include ways to dream as well.